Domaines Ott
2022 Domaines Ott Château Romassan Bandol Coeur de Grain Rose
39.95 33.02
2022 Domaines Ott Château Romassan Bandol Coeur de Grain Rose Magnum
89.95 74.34
2021 Domaines Ott by Ott Blanc
Special Price 16.95 14.01 Regular Price 18.95
2022 Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Coeur de Grain Rose
39.95 33.02 As low as 35.95
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Cinsault is a blue grape variety that is widely planted in wine regions around the Mediterranean Sea. The variety is also known as cinsaut, black prince or ottavianello, depending on the region where it is grown. This grape is believed to have originated in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, Provence, and Rhône region of France, but it is now grown in several countries, including South Africa, Australia, and Lebanon. The cinsault grape thrives in warm, dry climates and grows well in soils of sand and pebbles. It is an early ripening grape, which means that it is often one of the first to be harvested, usually in August. It is also an easy-to-grow grape variety and requires little maintenance, making it a popular choice among winemakers in the Mediterranean.

What does Cinsault wine taste like?

The Cinsault grape is not often used only in wines. Usually, the wine is combined with other grape varieties to make delicious dry rosé. The taste of rosé with the Cinault grape is a bouquet of interesting, beautiful flavors. For example, the grape gives the wines a typical taste of almond, raspberry and a somewhat nutty taste.