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Buy the amazing roses from Domaines Ott. You have come to the right place at Grandcruwijnen. We carry the top series of this great pretigeuse winery. Whether you want to try the Ott Bandol or the Ott Provenve rose or the great red and white Ott wines with us, this is possible. All Domaines Ott wines can be ordered by the bottle and are delivered the next day. Do not wait too long because the offer of Domaines Ott wines are scarce and highly sought after.

Domaines Ott is undoubtedly the most famous rosé house in the world, but is certainly seen as the founder of Provence wines.
Due to the unique location of the vineyards and the manic pursuit of perfection, Ott is able to produce extremely pure rose's, white and red wines. Poison is not used because the vineyards of the top models of Domaines Ott (Romassan Bandol Coeur de Grain and Clos Mireille Coeur de Grain) are actually on the Mediterranean where the microclimate and the sea breeze (and misting of the surf of the sea) are favorable and provide unique conditions for the production of exceptional Ott wines.

“Le mourvèdre doît voir la mer” according to Christophe Renard of Domaine Ott. "He sees the sea", this main grape for the red and rosé from Bandol. It is planted on the terraces between the hills and the sea around the fishing village of Bandol. The 3000 annual hours of sunshine, the Mistral and the rainfall in autumn are the microclimate that allows the necessary late ripening of this thick-skinned grape. The AOP Bandol includes the towns of Bandol, Le Beausset, Le Castellet, La Cadière, Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, Sainte-Anne-d'Évenos, Sanary and Ollioules. The Bandols from the more northwestern Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer and Sainte-Anne-d'Évenos give slightly lighter and more elegant wines because of the pebble bottoms.

The red clay soil from the rest of the AOP provides tannin-rich wines that require a blend with cinsault and grenache in order to temper the intense character of the mouvedre. Syrah and carignan may participate for 15% of the assembly. The poor soil provides one of the lowest yields in France: a maximum of 40 hl / ha, and the planting is 5000 sticks per ha. The area produces 48,000 hectoliters annually, produced by 51 châteaux and 5 cooperatives. Mainly red and rosé (80%) is made. The Ott roses are also wines that still age well. The red certainly decades but also the rose gets better with age.

The Clos Mireille and Romassan Bandol rose are the top models and as of 2016 the rose Ott By Ott sees the light of day. A completely new quality rosé which is significantly lower in price than the world's best Romassan and Mireille. Here, too, demand will outstrip supply.

Domaines Ott