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The Muscat grape

The muscat is probably the oldest wine grape in existence. It was the Greeks and Romans who brought this little disease-resistant variety to the south of France. This makes the muscat one of the oldest heat-loving grape varieties in Europe. Muscat is sometimes called the bee grape because they love it. The grape also produces table wines and raisins.

What does the Muscat taste like?

The Muscat grape is one of the most delicate grape varieties. They stand out for their freshness and aromatic taste. A special feature is the sweet and flowery aroma and taste in the vin doux naturel from the Roussilon. Actually, we can't talk about the Muscat or try to describe it because there are more than 200 varieties of Muscat ranging from elegantly dry to very sweet but can be roughly divided into 3 different types: the Muscat Blanc à petit Grains, the Muscat d'Alexandrie and the Muscat Ottonel.