Domaine de Marotte

Domaine de Marotte is a winery whose owners are originally from the Netherlands, they say themselves: "Dutch wine, from France!". The owners are Daan and Elvire van Dijkman and the winery is located in Provence, in the South of France. Domaine de Marotte stands for ' favorite hobby' and before it came into the hands of the current owners already owned by the 'van Dijkman' family.

Daan studied food technology with a specialization in beverage technology and Elvire learned about horticulture. As you can already imagine, this is a nice combination of knowledge for working in a wine domain. They started in 1997 and they now have about 16 hectares of vineyards, so they are quite successful.

Domaine de Marotte is therefore located in the heart of Provence at the foot of the famous Mont-Ventoux. In the 16 ha of vineyards, all kinds of wines are made organically. They have already won quite a few prizes with the wines they make. The year is full of sunshine, so it shines 300 days a year, which ensures perfectly ripe grapes because there is just enough rain between these sunny days.