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Present in Saint-Émilion since 1875, the Rivière family operates a 25 ha vineyard. In the 1950s, Clos des Menuts only had one hectare. Today it extends over 25 hectares near the ramparts of Saint-Émilion, usually west of the commune. Located in the heart of Saint Emilion, the Clos des Menuts has medieval monolithic cellars with a constant temperature of 12 °.

Clos des Menuts is today considered a unique wine-producing institution. To better understand the basis of this success, we must go back to 1538, the date of the first written record of the sale of a barrel of wine confirmed by the association of the Frères Mineurs (Fray Menuts in Gascon), religious of the Order. from St. François d'Assise, also called Cordeliers (Cordes Lies). So it has been more than 470 years that the passion of the earth and wine has been married in this unprecedented place. Today, the domain belongs to the Rivière family, after Jean Edmond Andrieu (who bought it in 1895) donated it to his son-in-law Pierre Rivière in 1956.

Since the Clos des Menuts is an integral part of the family, everything has been implemented to improve and develop this prestigious area in the heart of Saint Emilion. Today the vineyard extends over 25 hectares and combines all the qualities of two perfectly adjacent plots. The first, close to the ramparts of the medieval city, offers excellent clay-limestone soil. The second larger plot, located in the west, has a clay and sandy soil that ensures excellent drainage of all elements.

The privileged location of the Clos des Menuts vineyards combined with the complexity of the soil and cellars of this vineyard contribute greatly to the development of a unique wine; The reflection of the quality of perfectly complementary terroirs. Everything is done here, so that the 85% Merlot, composed with 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc are able to produce the highest quality grapes possible.

For more than 15 years, viticulture and vinification has been done with respect for nature & the environment. Since 2015, chemical fertilizers have not even been used anymore. In addition, the winery has started ecological cultivation of the soils. The winery is about to join the HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale), the officially recognized institute in the field of environmental performance for wine companies. With this, Clos des Menuts wants to make even greater efforts to work according to recognized, ecologically responsible procedures.