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In 1860 Cleto Chiarli ceased to be the innkeeper and devoted himself exclusively to the production of Lambrusco which he had produced until now to meet the needs of the tavern. Chiarli understood the importance of producing Lambrusco in the bottle and developed the basic techniques for making this very specific wine that, only in the bottle, sparkles naturally.

After many years and further expansion, the Chiarli family buys in 2002 Azienda Agricola Castelvetro which already has 40 hectares of vineyards in production and equipped with a complex of prestigious buildings, including the historic Villa Cialdini where the famous Enrico Cialdini, famous Risorgimento fighter, was born in 1811.

Cleto Chiarli can be seen as the specialist in the field of Lambrusco wine. What Prosecco is to Veneto, Lambrusco is to Emilia-Romagna. Lambrusco has been very popular but when we see too often this is ruined by mass production which has devalued the wine to a slightly sweet sparkling wine while a well made Lambrusco can be a pleasure to drink and is a full wine. Chiarli 1860 are more high-end Lambrusco's (so not the supermarket versions) we have included in our range and are for a pleasure

A century and a half of wines, one family, millions of bottles produced, worldwide fame and a goal to keep improving and to achieve this, Cleto Chiarli was founded in the year 2000. Cleto Chiarli is more than just a winery, it is a blueprint for a world where great wines can be grown, a place to nurture their own grapes to perfection. This modern facility, equipped with the right technology, nevertheless offers an atmosphere steeped in history and tradition. No rush, no production pressure, just the desire to satisfy the authenticity of the wines.