Château Péby Faugères

Château Péby Faugères

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Château Péby Faugères Saint-Émilion Grand Cru (Grand Cru Classé) has a very small vineyard of 7.45ha in the extension of the south of St. Emilion, with an exceptional terroir of clay-lime with old vines (approx. 45 years) planted on slopes next to Ch. Faugères where production is done with very low yields (20hl / ha).

The Esquissaud family acquired the estates of Châteaux Faugères and Péby Faugères in 1823 and inherited in 1987 by Pierre-Bernard Guisez. Until then, all the wine produced had been sold to a single local merchant. P. Guisez and his wife Corinne wanted to get more involved in the vineyards and went in search of the best quality. Their wish was to see these exquisite terroirs become jewels in the crown of the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru appellation, a wish that would be fulfilled in a short time with the help of Michel Rolland. From the year 2000, the wines of Château Faugères and Château Péby Faugères have occupied a place among the very best. Robert Parker described Péby Faugères as one of the "24 best Bordeaux wines" and "legend of the future".

The wine is aged for 18 months on 65% new oak and the fermentation is partly done in small oak barrels (microvinification). These are turned up to three times a day by means of a wheel system. The wonder duo Michel Rolland and Stephan Von Neipperg provides the advice here. This top wine can keep for 20 years. Only 9000 bottles of this delicacy are produced and this for worldwide distribution. The wine is packaged in a sculpted bottle with an image of a blackbird. The grape variety merlot gets its name from the French word 'merle', which means blackbird. Thanks to the similarities in both color (black berries) and the fact that blackbirds like the berries of the merlot grape, these were linked.

It has since become an iconic winery with very high ratings including even and 100 out of 100 from Parker so we are talking about an absolute Saint-Émilion Grand Cru.