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Champagne is the northernmost wine region of France and is known for its sparkling wines. The sparkling wines from this region are the only ones in the world to bear the name "champagne". With an average annual temperature of 10.5 ° C, Champagne is a cold area. There is a north wind and there are high pressure areas from Siberia.

However, important grape varieties of high quality can ripen here. The inhabitants of Champagne have established their vineyards in the areas with the warmest microclimates, which are best protected from the north wind. The soil of the Champagne region consists of a fertile layer of soil on top of the chalk / lime soil in which vines can penetrate deeply.

The fact that wine is grown here is special, especially because there have been many wars in this area in history. Over the centuries, the winegrowers have been able to produce better and better wines on the calcareous soil, with a very nice result. Since then, Champagne has become a symbol of celebration, love and special moments all over the world.