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Château de Grille has long been regarded as the benchmark for Chinon. Château de La Grille as a building dates back to the 15th century and remained in the hands of the French nobility for centuries. Since the 19th century, Château de La Grille has been known as the benchmark wine of Chinon. The homogeneity of the terroir combined with the highest standards make Château de La Grille "the exception of Chinon". Only Cabernet Franc is planted on the chalky clay soils of the 35-hectare domain; the sticks here are on average about 50 years old.

The wines of Château de La Grille are immediately recognizable by the special bottle, a replica of an 18th century champagne bottle, which sets the tone for the style and complexity of this "luxury Chinon" at first glance. When Albert Gosset (Champagne) bought the domain in 1951, the quality continued to improve due to his investments in the winery. He was also reportedly the one who introduced the distinctive bottle shape. Today, the Château is owned by Baudry Dutour. Christophe Baudry and Jean-Martin Dutour, experienced winegrowers in Chinon, are focused on preserving tradition and terroir. They started with the renovation of the buildings, park and castle in his typical troubadour style.

Château de la Grille