Château Clos de Boüard

Château Clos de Boüard has a long family history. The De Boüard family is known for its excellent mastery of winemaking processes: Hubert de Boüard de Laforest and Jean-Bernard Grenier are considered the "recreators" of Château Angélus. In fact, they have worked all their lives to make Château Angélus what it is today: a world-renowned domain steeped in culture and history with a worldwide reputation.

It was then that Coralie de Boüard, the daughter of Hubert de Boüard, born on the Angelus property, grew up and then worked for ten years with her father in this famous castle. To fulfill a personal wish, Coralie de Boüard and her husband bought the Tour Musset in Castel, a Montagne Saint-Emilion, which she renamed, to perpetuate the name and transfer the quality and reputation to its new project. Located in Saint-Emilion, near Château Fombrauge, Fleur Cardinale, Valandraud and Troplong Mondot, the terroir of Château Clos de Boüard enjoys a very good geographical position.