Château Camparnaud

Château Camparnaud is located in Provence in France. Campernaud's wines are ecologically produced, with great respect for people and nature. Terra Vitis is a national federation of farmers, traders and industry experts under strict supervision of their production methods and techniques. Together with Terra Vitis, the winery strives for pure products of the highest quality while also protecting the beautiful nature for the next generation.

The AOP Côtes de Provence vineyards of Château Campernaud are strategically positioned in a valley, in the green heart of Provence. All grapes come from these vineyards where the vines are between 20 and 60 years old, which gives character and structure to the rosé. The vineyards are planted with the very suitable grape varieties for this region such as syrah, grenache, cinsault, mourvèdre, tibouren and rolle. This variety of grape varieties is possible due to the difference in soil types, height differences and location in relation to the sun.

Provence has very hot (late) summers, so harvesting the grapes must be done in the early morning, when it is still nice and cool. During harvesting, the grapes are also immediately destemmed. The grapes are then transported to the winery as quickly as possible so that the essential freshness is preserved to the maximum and premature fermentation is avoided. In the winery, the grapes on the sorting table are subjected to an optical analysis by a camera, this process is called tri-optique. This is done to remove grapes that, in terms of color or shape, do not meet the conditions of the winery by means of high pressure. In this way, only the perfect grapes are selected. Furthermore, Campernaud only uses stainless steel steel cuves, so no wood, so that the pure expression of the terroir speaks as much as possible.

In the winery, the following steps are followed:
- vibration plate for separating tank juice and grapes
- tri-optique for grape selection
- cold treatment to prevent oxidation and color change
- pressing
- cold stabilization of must for 7 days
- fermentation for 10 to 14 days
- the wine matures (sur lies)
- assembling different grapes (blending)
- final bottling in the bottle

Wine has been produced at Château Camparnaud since 1879. In 2000, the Dutch wine expert Marnix Engels joined the Château. In collaboration with the noble Chevron Villette family, Marnix Engels has managed to realize a world-class domain. The noble De Chevron Villette family dates from 1189 and has centuries of experience in wine growing. In 2012, a joint venture with Count Guillaume de Chevron Villette brought state-of-the-art winemaking techniques to Camparnaud. Today the company owns one of the most modern wineries in Provence. Owner Chevron Vilette is a winemaker at heart with a passion for its environment, terroir and viticulture.