Château La Faviere

The Chateau La Favière vineyards are located in the Bordeaux wine region of Saint-Seurin sur l'Isle, on the border of the Saint-Emilion vineyard in the Libourne region of the Gironde department. The vineyard is 21 hectares in size and is managed using environmentally friendly wine-growing techniques. The oldest vines are more than 50 years old; the average age is about 35 years. The soil consists alternately of layers of gravel and fine sand over a clay substrate, which ensures optimal drainage.

Around the year 1750, a remarkable notable from Bordeaux and his wife built a small French-style castle amid their vineyards in Saint-Seurin sur l'Isle. A 16th century dovecote on site is evidence of a much older history. Music was an integral part of the mansion's life, and the harpsichord sounded with dance music composed for the court of Versailles.

At the end of the 19th century, the art of "composing" wine was passed on and the expertise further refined: La Favière produced a fruity, melodic cru. One of the large families in the Bordeaux bought the estate, renovated the castle and took over the vineyard. The love for music continued, especially when France discovered the exuberance of Russian music, with Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and Mussorgsky.

In the year 2010 Stanislav and Natalia Zingerenko visited the property and were immediately charmed by its "sleeping beauty". They love nature and France, where Natalia had previously lived. For them, viticulture is the strongest - most magical - bond with the terroir. La Favière fulfilled their dream.

The estate has a vineyard surrounded by trees and a castle in the heart of extensive grounds. The grounds have been gradually restored and the castle renovated, with a music room and Natalia's piano. The spirit of La Favière lives on and Stanislav and Natalia have used their passion and determination to breathe new life into the estate's music. They have engaged the most experienced advisers to help them achieve a virtuoso oenological achievement. Each bottle must provide an experience of perfect match.

Stanislav and Natalia love the country. For them, "wine and music are 2 universal languages: bring them together and enjoy the magic of the moment".
Château La Favière will soon realize musical evenings with jazz and world music, a guest house and many other projects that combine the art of wine and the art of life.

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Château La Faviere