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The noblest grape in Italy, and the ambassador of Piedmontese wine, from which, among other things, Barolo (King of Italian wine), Barbaresco, Roero Nebbiolo, Langhe Nebbiolo, and Nebbiolo D'Alba, Gatinara, etc ... are made. It is a late-ripening grape that forms the basis of many DOCG wines.

Everything about the Nebbiolo grape

The grape was first mentioned in 1266, making it one of the oldest grape varieties in Italy.

The Nebbiolo grape makes wine lovers enjoy and makes the life of producers sour. Many connoisseurs consider the grape one of the best grapes in the world. We can only agree with them, but what an incredibly difficult grape this grape is.

If the Nebbiolo does not live under the right conditions, a nice wine actually has no chance. The grapes require a strong trunk, a limestone substrate, and a south to a southwest orientation on the top of a hill. Besides the fact that the grapes need perfect conditions, they are also very sensitive to cold. The grape is mainly grown in the north of Italy.

Compared to other grape varieties, the Nebbiolo grape germinates early but ripens later. If the conditions are right, you will get a lot in return; a red powerful wine with tannins and nice, high acidity.

The wine can age very well in wood. Traditional aging is in large barrels of old wood. Nowadays it is also possible to age part of the wine on new wood. They are wines that you can keep for a long time. At the bottom of the page is an overview of how long you can store Nebbiolo wines.

Nebbiolo grapes and Barolo wines

The noblest grape in Italy, and the ambassador of wine from Piedmont, from which wines are made like

It is also recommended to pour this type of wine into a carafe and let it stand for 1-2 hours.

Aromas in the Nebbiolo grape

Nebbiolo wines have a delicate fragrance, but when you taste them, you are greeted with robust tannins and high acidity.

They are tight and solid wines. The most common flavors are:

  • Red fruit
  • Rose
  • Truffle
  • Mushrooms
  • Anise
  • Farm

Wine and food: Nebbiolo wine

The firm tannins and high acidity make this grape great with food. A powerful wine needs a powerful dish.

A piece of red meat like ribeye from the barbecue with mushrooms is a nice combination of wine and food. Truffle also goes very well with a glass of Nebbiolo. Think of pasta or risotto with truffle.

Do you already have a dish in mind, but you don't know which wine goes with it? Grandcruwijnen has a smart sommelier option. You enter the ingredients of the dish, and we guarantee a good match for the dish!

How long should you keep a Nebbiolo wine?

These wines can be stored for a very long time because the wines have a high tannin content. In short; the higher the tannin content, the longer you can keep the red wine. With a longer time in the bottle, the tannins soften, and the wine forms a wonderful balance between all the aromas, tannins, and acids.

Nebbiolo wines can be kept for 10-20 years. Grandcruwijnen always displays a drinking window. With each wine, you can see in which year the wine comes into its own!

I would like to buy a Nebbiolo wine

Nebbiolo is a grape that every wine drinker must have tasted! Grandcruwijnen has Nebbiolo wines for every budget. Would you like to find out more about the grape or a specific recommendation? Please feel free to contact us!