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Cálem Port was founded in 1859 by António Alves Cálem. The port was exported to Brazil and exotic wood was taken back. Cálem did this with its own ships, the so-called 'caravelles'. An image of such a ship can be found in the logo of Cálem Port. The company remained in the family for four generations. The aim was to create a port of excellent quality. Even when the port house was incorporated by the Sogevinus Group in 1998, nothing has changed. The many prizes the Cálem ports win prove that.

Quinta do Arnozelo is beautifully situated amidst the steep terraced vineyards

The grapes for the port of Cálem come from Quinta do Arnozelo. This quinta is in a beautiful location among the steep vineyards in the Douro valley. The vinification of the Cálem port takes place in São Martinho da Anta, where the modern winery of Cálem is located. The port is then aged in Vila Nova de Gaia, the town where the large port houses have their cellars. These cellars are cool and dark and have the perfect humidity for the maturation of the ports. This is necessary, because some ports need decades to come on the market.