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Langhe is perhaps the most diverse and accessible part of Piedmont. The region (classified as DOC) extends south of the town of Alba and benefits from rolling hills and the clay/marl soil south and east of the Tanaro River. Langhe is a well kept secret of Piemonte.

A uniquely varied landscape that has not yet been discovered by the general public. Gastronomers have already found their way to Langhe, because of the famous Piemontese truffle and their wonderful wine. In addition to the familiar Nebbiolo and Dolcetto grapes, you will also find Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon here. Langhe wines of the DOC class are comparable to the DOCG Barolo, but too young to receive that designation. For example, most DOC Langhe only mature for 12 months and not 38, which is common at Barolo. But that also has advantages: you can drink this wine younger, and taste what the youthful Nebbiolo tastes like. The Langhe area is just where warmer and lower, so that the Nebbiolos from this region are a bit more fruity and especially more accessible. The Langhe Nebbiolo is also irreverently called the Barolo for beginners, but this is mainly due to the 'label drinkers' because a Nebbiolo from this region has a great price / quality and if we take this aspect into account, we can certainly advise you correctly try the wines from the appellation in Piemonte. More fruit, something warmer, more accessible could be a kind of summary.