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The driving force behind Sedella Vinos is Lauren Rosillo. With years of experience in viticulture and oenology in the role of technical director for several Spanish premium wines in other regions (including Rioja, Rueda, La Mancha, and Guipúzcoa), Lauren felt itchy to start her own project. The result is Sedella Vinos.

The vineyards themselves consist of old vines rooted in steep slate slopes. The wine derives its personality from the combination of the climate, the soil and the plant. The height of the terrain, the geographical location (near the sea and the surrounding nature parks) and the reuse of old Romé and Grenache varieties ensure individuality and character. With their years of experience, Antonio and Rafael are now adept at cultivating this traditional wine, which is often a feat by using old techniques (such as draft animals and Roman plows) on a site with an incline of up to 45%. Sedella Vinos is a winery that combines a setting with contemporary design and natural beauty, with innovative artisanal production processes and carefully chosen old vines. Every bottle of Sedella Vinos contains more than wine. You will also taste the passion, the work and the love for the profession. All this becomes very clear when you talk to Lauren Rosillo, the driving force behind the project and wine expert and lover in heart and soul.

Bodegas Sedella