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The Tempranillo grape originally comes from the Rioja region in Spain. With its thick skin, the Tempranillo produces wines with a deep color and little alcohol. It is striking that Tempranillo wines can be stored for a long time without much loss of color. Around 80% of the total production of the Tempranillo grape is grown in Spain!

A Worldwide Spread Grape

Tempranillo is widely planted in regions such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Valdepeñas, Navarra, Costers del Segre and along the Mediterranean coast. The grape gets its name from the fact that it ripens early - "temprano" means 'early' in Spanish. In addition to Spain, the grape can also be found in Portugal, where it is known as tinta roriz or aragonez, and even in Argentina, where it goes by the name Tempranilla.

The Unique Taste of Tempranillo

Wines made from the Tempranillo grape generally have a fruity and smooth taste, including red and dark fruits such as cherries, plums and blackberries, along with secondary notes of tobacco, leather, vanilla and spices. The flavor profile can vary depending on factors such as terroir, climate and winemaking techniques. The Tempranillo grape produces wines with lots of color and structure that can mature well in wood. The wines go well with Spanish dishes such as tapas, grilled meat, paella and cured meats. Its moderate acidity and tannins make it an easily adaptable wine to many dishes.

Explore Our Tempranillo Collection

At Grandcruwijnen we have a huge range of wines made from the Tempranillo grape. Discover the variety of flavors and styles from Rioja and Ribera del Duero, where Tempranillo is the main grape. Enjoy the accessibility and richness of Tempranillo wines, both pure and blended, which pair perfectly with different dishes and occasions.