Anne de Joyeuse

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It was in the year 1929 that a group of winegrowers decided to pool their knowledge and know-how, with the aim of making beautiful wines from the upper Aude valley. First of all, the focus was on the red wines, the whites would follow later.

As a tribute to the Duke of Joyeuse, the name Anne de Joyeuse was chosen. This duke was the first to make the beautiful region shine at the court of King Henry III. As a reward and also in exchange for his loyal services, the king offered him the lordship of the lands of Limoux.

The winegrowers decided in 1972 to plant Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet-Franc, Malbec as red grape varieties. As white grape varieties they chose Chardonnay and Sauvignon. All these varieties are perfectly adapted to the Limoux region and now benefit optimally from the influences of the 4r areas: Mediterranean, Oceania, Pyrenees and Autan.

Over time, winegrowers became aware of the exceptional quality of their terroir. However, this also evoked a great sense of responsibility to maintain this quality as well as possible, and therefore to treat the environment with care. Because, this winery argues: "A responsible operation of the vineyard leads to responsible wines".

Listening to nature is therefore very important to this winery. Over the years, the winemakers' ambitious action plan to protect the environment and their land has become a true philosophy. Therefore, the engineering team and board of directors considered it extremely essential to create an even more ambitious specification. One that goes further than the Agri Confidence Volet Environnement certification, limiting vineyard interventions, participating in the development of ecosystems, energy management, etc. The Protect Planet® was started for this purpose, as a supplement to the agro-ecological method.

All in all, this dedicated and extremely careful working method ensures beautiful wines with an authentic taste of a protected nature.