Alvaro Palacios
2017 Alvaro Palacios Finca Dofi
675.00 557.85
2021 Alvaro Palacios Finca Dofi Jeroboam (3 liter)
425.00 351.24
2017 Alvaro Palacios Finca Dofi
250.00 206.61
2021 Alvaro Palacios Finca Dofi
121.95 100.79
2018 Álvaro Palacios Remondo Quiñón de Valmira
395.00 326.45
97+ Peter Parker
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The oldest grape under the sun: this red grape variety is a real team-player and usually needs other grapes to really come to its best. That's why you probably won't just see it on a label. The Grenache grape originates from Spain and is called Garnacha there. However, the Grenache grape has been the most planted grape in the world for hundreds of years.

What does the Grenache taste like?

The blue Grenache grapes are fairly large and have a thin skin with not much coloring, which is why this grape is very suitable for making rosé wines. This grape feels best in a hot and dry environment, which allows it to form a lot of sugar over a long growing season. As a result, the taste is often very strong and on the sweet fruity side. However, the grape itself contains little firmness, acidity and color and is therefore often blended with other grapes. The Grenache is often combined with the Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault (called GSM blends) or also with its comrade tempranillo the Grenache grape is very successful.

The taste of a pure grenache wine is sultry but also has a light white pepper taste and the spicy red fruit also comes to the surface. The aroma varies enormously per wine but can be described as floral, fruity and often a hint of spices such as pepper, cinnamon or licorice. This wine is perfect to pair with spicy wines.