Altos del Condor

Winery Altos del Condor is located in Argentina in the Cuyo region. The Altos del Condor wines are made by Peñaflor, the market leader in Argentina. Altos del Condor is a range of accessible wines, inspired by the beauty of the Andes.

The wines have a fruity, juicy style with the character of Argentina. The winery owns a total of more than 6000 hectares of vineyards. Grupo Peñaflor is an Argentine company founded in 1904 by a family of Italian immigrants, with the aim of making table wines and other non-alcoholic drinks. In the late 1990s, Grupo Peñaflor changed its business focus and decided to specialize in making fine wines. The grapes are grown in ancient soils of volcanic origin, are sandy and very permeable. This is combined with the fresh wind that blows through the vineyards during the sunset. It makes this region unique and perfectly suited for wine growing.