Alois Zimmermann

The Austrian winery is located in the charming wine village of Theiss, north of the Danube, not far from the wine town of Krems. In 2007, Alois took over the reins from his parents, Alois and Edeltraud, who as true visionaries developed it into the size and quality it is today. For Alois it was never a question of becoming a winemaker. Working in the vineyards, overseeing the wines in the cellar as the year-long fieldwork evolves into tasty pleasure is a process that has always fascinated him.

But before he could start he set out to investigate winemaking processes and techniques from different, newer perspectives. The vineyards have a southern exposure so that the grapes ripen for a long time due to the many hours of sunshine, the cold breeze from the Waldviertel ensures a refreshing acidity structure in the wines. Famous vineyard names are owned by the estate such as Kremser Gebling, Kremser Sandgrube and Rosshimmel. Each with its unique characteristics such as soil and microclimate. Each vineyard gets its own treatment method and that is also the reason that the vineyards are vinified separately during vinification. Skin soaking is also applied to give the wines more body and structure!