Alberto en Andrea Bocelli

2021 Bocelli Chardonnay di Toscana
18.50 15.29
Bocelli Prosecco Gran Cuvée
21.95 18.14
2015 Bocelli Poggioncino
30.95 25.58
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The Bocelli winery is located in the beautiful Tuscan hills, near San Gimignano. Wine has been made here for more than 3 generations. And not just any wine, on the contrary, really fantastic white and red wines. The Bocelli family used to work here for Prince Corsini. Little by little they bought this land and built a house. Sandro (Alberto and Andrea's father) was crazy about the land, on the ground and he (like his father Alcide) completely gave himself to the land. She called herself the poets of the ground! Alberto also has this extraordinary passion and enthusiasm. Together with his wife Cinzia and his brother Andrea, they have been working since 2000 on new ideas, new wines and grape bushes that belong here, belong in Tuscany. The wines produced here are considered a gift from the ground!
The estate is about 120 hectares, of which a small part is wooded and the other part is planted with vines and olives.
The driving forces at the moment are Alberto and his wife Cinzia, while the fantastic tenor Andrea is the one with the fine nose and thus also tastes the wines.