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The Albert Grivault family domain is managed by Michel Bardet (and his daughter Claire), who is the grandson of the founder Albert Grivault. The domain started in 1879. This was one year after the arrival of phyloxerra in Meursault and at the time it had properties in Meursault and Clos de Vougeot. In 2019, the Albert Grivault estate celebrated its 140th anniversary; a successful family legacy spanning four generations. After Albert Grivault, the estate was run by Albert Grivault's widow and then by his daughters Berthe Grivault and Mathilde Grivault.

Together they managed to overcome the crisis of 1929 and the two world wars. In 1980 Albert Grivault's grandchildren, Michel Bardet, Marguerite and Denise Chevignard, née Bardet, took over the estate. Marguerite Bardet continued to work on the estate until 2019. Since 2004, responsibility for the estate has passed to Claire Bardet, managing director, assisted by Henri Marc, in charge of vinification under the direction of Michel, who still participates in the aging and marketing of the wines. Albert Grivault's wines are made for minerality and have great aging potential.

Albert Grivault