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Californian wine or American wine? Wine cultivation is practiced in almost all states of the United States. The main focus, however, is on California wines, which account for 90% of production. This is followed by Washington State and Oregon, which together form the Pacific Northwest. Although viticulture here has less history than California, the quality level is sometimes very good. California is also known as the 'Sunshine State' because of its sunny and warm climate. Most wine-growing areas are therefore a short distance from the coast, as they can take advantage of the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean there. The further inland you get, the higher the temperatures are. This has major consequences for the ripening of the grapes and the quality of the California wines.

There are major differences within the California wine regions, both due to the influence of the ocean and due to its location. Although they are contiguous, there are major climate differences between Washington State and Oregon. Washington State is largely behind the high coastal mountains and has a dry desert climate, warm during the day but with cold nights. Oregon is largely in front of the same coastal mountains and is relatively cool and humid. For example, there are major differences in American wines. At Grandcruwijnen we carry the top houses from various areas with the emphasis on the California wines. Wineries like Inglewood, Ridge, Phelps and Coppola are among the top in America.

We have a large variety of whiskeys, including beautiful Single Malt Whiskeys from the absolute top houses. These are not your average whiskeys, but just the grand cru among the whiskeys. As with all our products, our whiskeys are delivered within 1 working day and you can order everything by bottle at competitive prices. Order whiskeys online or visit us to view our range of whiskeys.

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