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The Albarino grape is a white grape that is very recognizable by its thick skin that grows mainly in the north-west of Spain. The grape has an average ripening time and a good yield. Albarino wines have a fairly high alcohol content. The grape is also called the brother of the Riesling, this is because the Albarino grape has a DNA connection with the Riesling grape.

What does the Albarino taste like?

This grape makes good use of the Atlantic maritime climate of the Rias Baixas where the soil is made up of slate or granite, this combination creates wines that, if produced correctly, can have an excellent quality; Deliciously dry and deliciously fruity are the wines of this grape! Characteristic aromas are citrus, blossom and floral notes. Usually high in acidity, this grape produces light to medium-bodied wines. Wood aging is rare with this grape.

At Grandcruwijnen, we think it is important that people can find their preferred flavor. That is why we came up with the idea of the sample box. This does not just consist of a number of wines, but of themed wines specially selected by our vinologists. With the sample boxes you can try different wines and find your own taste.

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All of our sample boxes have a number of things in common, mainly that they are all (international) class wines and that they are extra competitively priced. A document with all wine descriptions and a table for making tasting notes is added to each test box. What could be more fun than selecting your favorite wine in this way together with friends and / or family.

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