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Touriga Franca

De Touriga Franca zorgt voor kruidige en fruitige aroma’s en kom je deze druif bijna alleen samen in een blend tegen zoals vaak met de tinta barroca. De twee druivenrassen van deze wijn gaan perfect met elkaar samen. Zo wordt de power, het krachtige en kruidige aroma van de Touriga Francesa gebalanceerd met de elegantie en het verfijnde aroma van de Tinta Barroca.


Port wine takes its name from the city of Porto, but is made from grapes from vineyards that lie far away from this city. The region of the origin of port is the Douro Valley, to be precise the part between Regua — about 80 kilometers upstream from Porto — and the Spanish border. The region received its official designation of origin as early as 1756.

Another special feature was the long-standing obligation that all port wine should be traded through Vila Nova de Gaia, a suburb of Porto. The wines ripened there for practical reasons: the climate is more suitable than in the Douro Valley, while its location by the sea made it possible to ship the wine directly.

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