What are loyalty points?

With every purchase you make with us, you will receive loyalty points. You can redeem these points with your next order and receive a discount. The more points you redeem, the more discount you get. You receive a standard discount in the form of loyalty points on every order at Grandcruwijnen. Each loyalty point represents a value of 5 cents. You can request your balance under My Account, and during checkout, you will see how many points you have already built up. You can also choose to exchange the points, which will immediately be deducted as a discount. You only receive loyalty points when you have an account with us. If you place an order as a guest, you will not receive any loyalty points. You can exchange the loyalty points you receive on an order with a subsequent order, but you can also save them. Loyalty points are only awarded to registered users and do not apply to hospitality or retail customers. The points received are valid for one year. You can see when the points expire in your account.

You will automatically receive discount points on the value of your shopping cart, but only if you have an account with us (because we need to register the balance somewhere). The discount points you receive are based on the value of the shopping cart, including VAT, which is automatic. Items that are already on sale or already have a discount, are excluded. The last limitation is that when you pay with discount points, we do not give additional points.


  • Automatically in the shopping cart with the exception of items that are already on sale
  • If you leave a nice review about a wine (you will receive a request for a review by email a few weeks after purchasing the wine)
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter
  • When creating an account with us