Glenmorangie The Original

35.95 29.71
Country Scotland
Whisky house Glenmorangie
Whisky Region Highlands
Whisky style Single Malt
Content (Alc) 0.7 ltr (40%)
Age 10
smaak whisky Medium en Elegant
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For a fresh, fruity bouquet of flavors, it's hard not to head straight to Glenmorangie Original 10th Anniversary.

The Glenmorangie “The Original” is the flagship of the Glenmorangie distillery. Glenmorangie matured this highland single malt whiskey for 10 years in bourbon casks (American Mountain Oak casks) in the distillery's traditional warehouses

It is full of fruitiness: green apple, citrus (orange, lemon, mandarin), stone fruit (apricot, peach, nectarine) and coconut (okay not real fruit…). We also taste a little spiciness in the mouth. The texture is often described as "creamy", giving it more body than some whiskeys.

One of the great things about Glenmorangie Original is that it is the baseline on which all other Glenmorangie cask-based bottlings are based, while being an excellent whiskey on its own.

Color is light honey

Fragrance is floral and fruity notes come out of the glass and malt comes very close. Honey paves the way for a banana muffin and a sweet natural tasting vanilla.

Taste: Large rolling waves of tropical fruit, orchard fruit and malt pour out of the glass, covering the palate like a blanket. Some pieces of honey and graham cracker are joined together with a sweet, buttery thread.

Finish is medium long and filled with rich tropical fruit and malt. Smooth and almost refreshing.

Vineyard for Glenmorangie The Original
More Information
Distilled type Whisky
Country Scotland
Whisky house Glenmorangie
Whisky Region Highlands
Whisky style Single Malt
Gebotteld door Distillery bottling
Cask type ex-Bourbon cask
Whisky Cask Type Amerikaans Eiken bourbon cask
Alcohol % 40
Content 0.7 ltr
Biological certified No
Alcohol free/low No
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