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English wines are on the rise, especially sparkling wines. Many great champagne houses have already invested seriously in vineyards. The main reason is the climate change, causing the champagne region to become warmer and wines to lose acidity, and that in England there are many similarities with the champagne region such as terroir, rainfall and temperature.

Viticulture in England has been practiced for a long time and certainly dates back to Roman times. In the past, a lot of wine in the United Kingdom was mainly imported from other countries in Europe. Especially from France, Portugal and Spain. Germany and Italy are also popular. The first, more modern, wines from England were therefore often based on the European-style wines. Over the years you saw the quality of the wine increase. In the 1990s, several wineries were eligible for the "Quality Wines" classification. This classification is administered by the English Vineyards Association. Currently, the quality of English wines is at the same level as the rest of Europe and prizes are regularly won. Due to climate change, English wines are also getting better and a lot of money is currently being invested in planting new vineyards and training winemakers.

England now has about 1800-2000 hectares of vineyards. Despite the relatively low number of hours of sunshine, grapes do well, especially in the southern climate of the United Kingdom. Heat, moisture and drainage are beneficial. Originally, the white, early ripening grape varieties such as Seyval Blanc, Müller-Thurgau, Huxelrebe, Madeleine Angevine 7672, Reichensteiner and Schonburger are found in England. In England they produce white, red, rosé and sparkling wine. Bubbles in particular are currently doing very well on the world market.

In our range you will find wine from Windsor Great Park Vineyard. The vineyard in Windsor Great Park, next to Windsor Castle, is owned by the British Crown Estate. Those who drink these wines are in good company: the wine has already been served in the presence of Harry & Meghan and Willem-Alexander & Maxima!