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Jambon Eiriz Jabugo is one of the absolute top suppliers of Iberico Bellota hams. The company is one of the pioneers of this great product and has been around since 1818 in which they produce great Iberian ham and cold cuts in a very respectful and traditional way. An absolute prize winner, Eíriz has won the prestigious Jamon de Oro (Golden Ham) at the X Feria del Jamón or Aracena based on their ongoing focus on just producing absolute authentic quality in an extremely respectful way. This ham comes from the DOP Jamon de Jabugo (formerly Jamon de Huelva) and this is the region where the absolute best quality Iberico hams come from.

Ibérico Bellota DO is the showpiece among Spanish hams and is therefore very popular among lovers of tasty artisan products. The Spanish pigs are fed corn and grain shortly after birth before they are released into the wild; From September to about March they can feed them in the oak forests with delicious acorns. By exercising and their optimal nutrition, they get a special fat storage in and around their muscle masses. During their last autumn, these pigs fatten themselves with the acorns of the oak trees, giving their meat a particularly refined aroma with an exceptionally high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These black pigs (pata negra) produce the highest quality Jambon. This gives the Ibérico bellota ham a soft texture and is therefore much more flavorful than, for example, the Ibérico Cebo or the serrano ham. The Eíriz hams are all certified and meet the strict regulations of the DOP

bellota summum

Jam (b) on bellota are the hind legs. Bigger piece of meat, less fat and must dry at least 2x as long as the de Paleta. This is the most beautiful but also the most expensive piece

Jam (b) on Paleta or paletilla bellota means that it is the ham off the shoulder. Less meat and muscle compared to the Jambon. Because the Paletas (shoulder hams) are smaller, the (air) drying process is also half as long.

Bellota means that the free range pigs walk around with plenty of credit and feed on the grass and acorns. This applies to both the Paleta and the Jamon.

Cebo de Campo is a qualification that the pigs are fed or supplemented with corn and grain. This applies to both Paleta Cebo and Jamon Cebo.

All products are hand cut by certified Maestra Cortadoras and are perfectly vacuumed and can be stored for a very long time (in refrigeration) (up to a year).

The three pillars of Eiriz products are:

1.100% pure Iberian pigs that walk around in the wild and thanks to the naturally occurring food on the fields, among which the Iberian gets everything from pure nature, so that the meat contains very valuable elements including proteins, phosphorus, calcium and iron, multiple unsaturated fats (similar to those of olive oil) and vitamins B1 and B2. The choice of animals is very important and they must be "Bellota-worthy"

2. The pigs run free with only one animal per hectare of land, graze on our own pastures in the Natural Park of Aracena, completely in the mountains and in the middle of oak and chestnut forests. The minimum age at which they are slaughtered is 18 months (the average for more industrial products is around 6 months). The immense Corteconcepción domain of Eiriz is 2 km from the Odiel River and is located 572 meters above sea level. Corteconcepción benefits from a microclimate as the breezes of the Atlantic provide the beautiful salinity while at the same time a Mediterranean climate prevails

3. Ripening: Only sea salt is used and each piece of ham naturally dries in the fresh air and is matured in this way. So no industrial maturation cells, chemicals to accelerate ripening and add others. Only sea salt and in the classic way as they did 200 years ago. The meat is therefore raw and pure.

What do we drink with an Iberico Ham:

Mistakes are often made here and quite heavy wines are served. This is absolutely not correct. The Bellota / Iberico pigs eat a lot of acorns, so the ham is already infused with wood notes. if a heavy wood-aged wine is served here, it will destroy the taste. The motto is to drink good fine sherry, a fruity white or a light red wine together with crispy baguette (like the traditional Spanish accompaniment "Picos de pan").

Ideal wines with a good iberico are for example:

Emilio Moro Resalso

Albet i Noya (the tinto and blank)

Lustau sherry

At Grandcruwijnen we sell various products where we sell three beautiful hams hand cut (vacuum packed) in packs of 100 grams. In addition, we consciously sell the absolute top piece of the Lomo or Lomito (the most beautiful part of the ham) in one piece so that it does not lose its tenderness of the marbled meat while cutting the ham. These hams weigh around 400gr and are also vacuumed. We also sell the great Chorizo sausages made from the Bellota Pata Negra pig. All straight from Spain and perfectly vacuumed

Last but not least, you can also buy a full Bellota or Paletta (hind leg or front leg and then only the absolute top version, that of the Bellota. We will have this delivered directly from Eíriz. Delivery time is about 5 days.

As an importer of many distinguished wineries, we also have the luxury of having other products produced at the vineyards piggybacked with our wine transport. These products include honey, olive oil, cheese, coffee and other delicacies. These great products are available to the Netherlands through us. So if you are looking for a unique top quality of non-mass produced delicacies, then these products are definitely for you!

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Whether you are looking for cheese, iberico ham, nuts, coffee or pasta, you can find it all at with quality guarantee.