Coravin Pivot Wijn Conserveringssysteem

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Type Accessories Coravin
Brand Coravin
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The Coravin Pivot™ Wine Preservation System allows you to pour a glass of wine and keep what's left in the bottle for up to 4 weeks , so you're not pressured to drink or waste the bottle. Using the Pivot™ is very simple:

  • Open the bottle of wine. Replace the cork or screw cap with a Pivot Stopper with the cap open (make sure the Stopper and bottle neck are both dry).
  • To pour, place the Pivot device in the stopper. Tilt the bottle so that the spout hangs over the wine glass and press and hold the button on the device. Release the button and stand the bottle upright to stop pouring. The coravin capsule replaces the poured wine with 100% pure Argon gas to protect the remaining wine from oxidation, perfectly preserving the color, taste and aroma of your remaining wine.

This set contains 1 Coravin Pivot™ Wine Preservation System, 2 Pivot Stoppers and 1 Coravin capsule.

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Type Accessories Coravin
Brand Coravin
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