Clase Azul Tequila Añejo

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Distilled type Tequila
Brand Clase Azul
Country Mexico
Content 0.75 ltr
Alcohol % 40
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Clase Azul Añejo is proof that the best things in life take time. The flavor and carafe pay homage to Mazahua's indigenous culture. The intense amber color and complex aromatic range are the result of a beautiful 25-month journey in bourbon casks. Clase Azul Añejo combines art, history and tequila of the highest quality, making it a phrase that truly honors Mexican culture.

Besides the exquisite taste and aroma, Clase Azul Anejo also has some interesting facts. Each handcrafted bottle is adorned with a unique hand-painted ceramic carafe, showcasing the brand's dedication to artistry and attention to detail. These decanters are made by talented artisans who carefully craft each piece, making each bottle a work of art.


Clase Azul Anejo delights the senses with its complex and refined flavor profile. On the palate you experience a harmonious blend of sweet vanilla, roasted agave, caramel and hints of chocolate. It offers a smooth and velvety mouthfeel, making it perfect for sipping and enjoying. The aroma of Clase Azul Anejo is equally captivating. When you raise the glass to your nose, you are greeted by seductive notes of butterscotch, toasted oak, cinnamon and subtle floral notes. The combination of these aromas creates an enticing scent that enhances the overall drinking experience.

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About Clase Azul Mexico

Clase Azul Tequila is 100% made from Blue Weber Agave grown in Los Altos de Jalisco. The complex character of this Tequila is a result of the climate and soil in Los Altos de Jalisco and the best fermentation, distillation and aging methods. At Clase Azul México, Mexican artisans proudly create the beautiful decanters, paying homage to our country and sharing the beauty of their craftsmanship with the world. They refuse to compromise on quality, each carafe of Clase Azul takes about 11 days to complete. Each decanter is a unique piece of Mexican art featuring one of the world's best and most recognized tequilas. Clase Azul México proudly supports Mexican artisans through Fundación Causa Azul, which aims to preserve Mexico's cultural and artisanal legacy. This carafe is designed to be beautiful in its own right so that it can have a second life after its contents have been consumed, for example as a flower vase or candle holder. Clase Azul México is certified by © Positive Luxury, reiterating the commitment to the land and the continuous efforts to positively transform the environment.


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Distilled type Tequila
Brand Clase Azul
Country Mexico
Content 0.75 ltr
Alcohol % 40
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