Bowmore 12 Year

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Country Scotland
Whisky house Bowmore
Whisky Region Islay
Whisky style Single Malt
Content (Alc) 0.7 ltr (43%)
Age 12
smaak whisky Krachtig en Rokerig
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The sea breeze of the Atlantic Ocean, the presence of the sea, the large reserves of barley grown on site and the water from a local source explain the special taste of this whiskey, which is round and soft at the same time, with notes of peat smoke and iodine and a light test of algae that is clearly noticed in the aftertaste. Maturation takes place in damp cellars about seven meters below sea level. For twelve years, the wood of the barrels is fed by a salty moisture, resulting in a golden alcohol with a characteristic softness and richness.


Malt and strong strong cider, some leather and wax - smells of "classic" and new home furniture. Doesn't make you feel like it needs a second thought; just take you to your first sip. Moments later, some vanilla and raisins come together with the previous giants, all mixed in a nice balance - citrus is the main character, malt is the faithful companion, the sweet notes make the environment. and when the glass is almost empty, medicinal smoke comes out ......


Average consistency. Starts with sweet vanilla on the tip of your tongue, which is then surrounded by a woody feel and again, strong citrus on the back of your mouth. Whatever chocolate, you can feel a hint of it when you whisk some whiskey on your palate. A little salty feeling at the end of the glass.


Medium length with strong wood, followed by raisins and notes of vanilla, citrus, biscuit. Some sweet flavors mix with the woody and give you a nice caramel and then peat ...

A beautiful Bowmore that is definitely worth ....

Vineyard for Bowmore 12 Year
More Information
Distilled type Whisky
Country Scotland
Whisky house Bowmore
Whisky Region Islay
Whisky style Single Malt
Gebotteld door Distillery bottling
Cask type ex-Bourbon cask
Whisky Cask Type ex-Bourbon cask
Alcohol % 43
Content 0.7 ltr
Biological certified No
Alcohol free/low No
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