2017 Francis Ford Coppola Chardonnay Diamond collection 0.375 ltr

Type of Wine White
Country USA
Region Californie
Winery Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Year 2017
Grape Chardonnay
Content (Alc) 0.375 ltr (13.5%)
Drink window 2018 - 2023
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The Diamond Collection wines are made from grapes from the California vineyards from both the coastal areas and inland valleys. By combining well with the fruit of these selections (from the warmer valleys and cooler coasts) you get great and beautiful complex wines and this is certainly the reason why the Diamond Collection from Coppola belongs to the most popular range of wines.

In the afternoon, the cool air of the Pacific flows into the valleys that run across the ocean and run deep into the land. Monterey, the picturesque coastal town south of San Francisco, has such a nice cool valley. The fruit from this valley has a wonderfully ripe character, in addition to a nice freshness. The chardonnay for this Diamond Collection Chardonnay comes from this valley, and it is made on the fruit, by partially fermenting it on stainless steel. But a touch of wood does give it some extra complexity. He gets that by fermenting half of the wine in barrel, using the more subtle French oak. The result is a particularly tasty yet uncomplicated Chardonnay, dry and intense, with good acids.

Grape variety : Chardonnay.

Color                   : Medium straw yellow.

Scent : Beautiful citrus fruit in the scent, apple, ripe melon, deliciously floral, some vanilla, smoky, beautifully wide and seductive, wonderfully exotic.

Taste : A dry and smooth taste, with a little fat and butter, but especially delicious tropical fruit, a hint of caramel and vanilla, creamy and strong.

Francis Ford Coppola (Detroit, April 7, 1939) is an American director, film producer and screenwriter known for The Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now, among others, and is considered one of Hollywood's foremost directors. In addition, Francis Ford Coppola has been active in the wine growing and trading business since the 1970s. In 1975, he and his wife purchased the estate of Finnish sea captain Gustave Niebaum in Rutherford, California (located in the famous Napa Valley wine region) and surrounding vineyards. That winery is now called the Rubicon Estate Winery. In addition, Coppola also owns the Francis Ford Coppola Winery in the Sonoma Valley.

Wine making is a long-standing tradition within the Coppola family. Francis Ford Coppola has been making wine for longer than directing films. Grandfather Coppola used to make wine in the cellars of their New York apartment from grapes that had come especially from California. The wines that Coppola makes today are no longer the same as from the cellars in New York, but are made with the same philosophy. Wines to drink with friends and family.

The Francis Ford Coppola Winery's parent company was named USA Wine Producer of the Year on November 16, 2011 by the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Vineyard for 2017 Francis Ford Coppola Chardonnay Diamond collection 0.375 ltr

Where wine used to be the exclusive property of winegrowers, it has now also become the playground of celebrities with a passion for wine. Director Francis Ford Coppola, with great films to his name as Apocalypse Now, is a true wine lover. For him, the decision to buy a wine company in the renowned Napa Valley wine region was a logical consequence of this passion for wine. Actually, in 1975, Coppola was looking for a home for the summer months, where he could make some wine in the basement like his grandparents once did. Wine making has been a tradition in the Coppola family for several generations. Agostino Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola's grandfather, made wine in the basement of his New York apartment building. He used cement barrels that he had built himself.

In his search, Francis Coppola came across Inglenook, a special estate in Rutherford, the part of Napa Valley where cabernet sauvignon thrives. The Napa wine company, which produces wines from its own vineyards, was named after its most famous wine, the Rubicon, so it is now known as Rubicon Estate, a producer of absolute top wines. The other wines were housed in Geyserville, Sonoma County, at the Rosso & Bianco Winery. Since 2006 the wines have been made under the name Diamond Collection and Rosso & Bianco, of course as real Coppola wines, with the same high quality requirements. The introduction of this new winery, with all modern techniques, has brought an extra step forward in the quality of the wines under the Francis Ford Coppola Diamond label. This label works with grapes from all over the California coastal strip, where they are purchased from growers with long-term contracts to ensure solid, reliable quality. There is constant consultation between winemakers and growers to arrange all the details of the vineyard management and to determine the exact time for picking. Unlike Hollywood stars, Francis Ford Coppola's wines are by no means superficial: they are powerful, perfectly balanced, have a long finish and are pleasantly smooth. In 2001, the Francis Ford Coppola winery was awarded “Winery of the Year” (Wine & Spirits).

More Information
Type of Wine White
Country USA
Region Californie
Winery Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Grape Chardonnay
Biological No
Vegan No
Year 2017
Drinking as of 2018
Drinking till 2023
Alcohol % 13.5
Alcohol free/low No
Content 0.375 ltr
Oak aging Yes
Sparkling No
Dessert wine No
Closure Cork
Tasting Profiles Droog, Houtgerijpt, Krachtig, Rijk, Rond, Vol, Wit fruit
Drink moments Barbecue, Cadeau!, Lekker luxe, Met vrienden, Open haard, Romantisch
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