Hoe bepaalt men het meest ideale moment van het oogsten van de druiven. In bijgevoegd artikel wordt uitleg gegeven door Abadia Retuerta waarbij zij dit vaak in Mei al kunnen bepalen.

Harvest is under way in many Spanish wine regions, but the 2016 vintage will still take some time in the Duero. Right now we are carefully monitoring the evolution of our vineyards to determine when is the best date to pick up the grapes.

These are days of frantic work in the lab, as lab manager Olga López explains in this video. Over the following weeks countless ripening controls and analysis will be done to help us establish which are the best dates to harvest the various Abadía Retuerta plots. Nevertheless, we have been checking our vineyards exhaustively since May. As Olga candidly explains, a good harvest starts with a good management in the spring.

We open the doors of our lab so you can see how ripening controls are carried out. Welcome!

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